About us

Dice Technologies (operating as Dicetek) is a Global Software Services firm which supports clients and partners in their day to day business for achieving their objectives. We are a “for hire” services firm and in all most all the cases we act as an Extended Team for the client. Our business is directly dependent on our clients business and we hence we operate the way as per the business needs and demands of the clients. Why our clients work with us or come back to is our three principles – Fast, Focused and Flexible. The emphasis on openness, lots of communication and eye for details.

The size of our clients varies from Multi Billion USD in revenue to much smaller firms. Why our clients work with us, or come back to us for repeat business, is our three core principles – Fast, Focused and Flexible. Apart from the three principles, the Culture is built on openness, lots of communication, transparency, sharing every single risk at the right time and eye for details.


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